GEN-X CLUB is the backbone of personality development of the students, besides the rigorous and regular academic program. These clubs encompass a systematic series of events, which help the students to experience management practices and current phenomena of the corporate.

  • These specific clubs are responsible for arranging events, activities viz. quiz, seminar, panel discussions, trade-fair, job-fair, management games, management fiesta's etc. in their domain areas inside the campus as well as outside the campus. The interactions are focused within the groups, which is beneficial for the students who are introvert and did not get scope for improvement.
  • Establishing the interaction with the corporate, it fulfills the gap of current business practices in the industry with our current academic programs.
  • The ownership is completely lying with the students under the faculty coordinator who guides them for proper conduction of the programs.


The club aims to provide its members learning opportunities outside the classroom in the all areas of finance, including FINANCIAL markets, instruments, institutions, and regulations. Members participate in competitions, speaker sessions and workshops, which foster an environment that encourages continuous learning and discovery of recent trends and developments in the field of finance.


This club makes learning fun by helping to organize seminars, games and various fairs that are based on the fundamental concepts of MARKETING strategy, brand management and sales and distribution structures. The Marketing Club brings together students who are interested in the vast and dynamic environment of marketing. It provides students with a platform to hone their marketing skills and showcase their creativity.


This club help students to cater the gap of current organizational practices and structures and the academic programs designed to create a pool of experts in the HRM arena. Management games, role-plays and various tests are the major activates performed by this house.


It is now recognized as key to making businesses more profitable and better places to work. People's ability to handle the soft skills viz. influencing, communication, team management, delegating, appraising, presenting, motivating is the need of current businesses. Increasingly, companies aren't just assessing their current staff and future recruits on their business skills.

They are now assessing them on a whole host of soft skill competencies around how well they relate and communicate to others. For such requirements, this club is responsible to organize events to develop soft skills for the students.