The institute has huge and spacious Departmental Library with the association of Central Library of Sherwood Educational Group. Library is equipped more than 3,000 books with several Indian and international edition on various topics accompanied by national journals, international journals, magazines on various TRADES like Finance, Marketing, Computing, Technology etc, National Newspapers and CD-ROM to keep the faculty, research-scholars and students abreast of the latest advancement and developments in the field of Management and Technology. There are spacious reading halls and reference sections. The main objective of the library is to provide a substantial base to the students so that they may enhance their knowledge in the related filed.

  • The Institute has National Digital Library(NDL) in association with IT Kanpur.
  • Total seating capacity of 100 students.
  • Library Hall, Reading Room, Reference Section, and Issuing Section of books.
  • More than 200 National and International Journals with more than 25 world famous publications.
  • Special section equipped with E-Journal which can be accessed by multimedia computers.
  • Total approx. 5000 volume of books from more than 720 titles of different subjects.
  • Information of Internet: Broadband 16 MBPS facility.