Information Technology is an area that has caused tremendous brain-drain for India and is now the most challenging and dynamic field. India has emerged as a superpower in the field of Information Technology and soon will over-compete the giant i.e. the United States. The demand for Indian experts in the Information technology is ever increasing, not only in the US but also in many of the European and Far East countries like Germany and Japan respectively.

The software giants like Infosys, Microsoft, Google etc have established themselves in India. Lucknow is expected to boasts of having quite a few IT gaints in the state very soon. The GBTU, Lucknow has very well understood its importance and has designed a degree programmed in Information Technology with the help and guidance of established professionals and industries. The Department of Information Technology has adequate facilities consisting of well equipped subjective laboratories and Internet Centre. The teaching faculty is well qualified and experienced. The Department is equipped with the "State-of-Art" Infrastructure and licensed software. All PCs in each and every laboratory of the Department are networked and have internet connection. All PC's are high end branded like HP and HCL. The Internet facility with 14 Mbps Leased line is made available to the students and staff.