Computer Science Engineering                        90

Mechanical Engineering                                      60

Civil Engineering                                                   60

Electrical & Electronics Engineering               60

Electronics & Communication Engineering   90

Course Duration : B.Tech :- 4 years divided into 8 semesters


Computer Science Engineering : Due to the rapid growth of Information Technology, computer industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of our economy. As a result, there exists a huge demand for Computer engineering professionals for the development of faster hardware components, new communication systems and software. Computer engineers have option of moving into hardware or software positions. In SCERT students are imparted knowledge from well qualified and experienced faculty. The students are provided with technical knowledge not only of their curriculum but also of latest trends. The important components of curriculum are Computer Graphics, DBMS and Operating System etc.

Mechanical Engineering : Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with and study the design, construction and operation of different forms of machinery. Mechanical Engineers are never left short of job opportunities which are another reason for such ever-growing demand. In this department students are not just provided with technical knowledge but also with non-domain knowledge through Group Discussions, Seminars and various other Personality Development Programes. The balanced curriculum of mechanical engineering at SCERT is designed to meet the present day industry needs.

Civil Engineering : It is a branch of Engineering that encompasses the conception, design, construction and management of residential and commercial buildings and structures, water supply facilities and transportation system for goods and people as well as control of environment for the maintenance and improvement of quality of life. Some of the subjects of specializatopm in civil engineering include surveying, mapping, community and urban planning, waste management and risk management etc. SCERT offers a broad based graduate program designed to underpin most of aspects of this branch.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering : The Electrical & Electronics Engineering is the branch where there is huge shortage of skilled man power. To fill up the gap, At SCERT we impart quality education appropriate to the needs of power industries. All the labs of this department are well equipped with modern equipments , audio visual aids. The numerical technique lab and other software based labs are equipped with latest softwares to improve the performance and better understanding of the subjects

Electronics & Communication Engineering : Electronic communications combine numerous media text, graphics, sound, video, etc. into a single message. Electronics engineering branch has triggered the information technology revolution and changing the world to a comfortable global home. Electronic and communication branch provides a better carrier option in Telecommunication as well as Power Electronics based industries.

Applied Science & Humanities : The department of Applied Science and humanities is the backbone of the entire Engineering Education. The department of Applied Sciences aims to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences. Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge of applied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental science, Professional communication, Industrial Sociology, Insustrial Psychology and professional ethics etc.

Chemistry Lab : We not only aim on theoretical knowledge but also emphasize on practical so that the theoretical knowledge is implemented and this is the aim of the engineering course. The chemistry Lab is equipped with the latest industrial equipments necessary for analyzing samples such as flame photometry, conductivity meter, pH meter and bomb calorimeter.

Physics Lab : The basic focus in the Engineering Physics Laboratory is to develop scientific temperament and encourage students to innovate in diverse technical areas for better understanding of technical and engineering problems. It enables the engineers to practically understand the basics of the theory through experiments.

Language Lab : In this highly competitive world one is required to possess hard as well as soft skills in order to be successful at job interviews and in career. The undisputed global language of communication is English and is a prerequisite in the global environment of engineering industries. The Humanities department is enriched with a fully equipped software based language lab with modern gadgets and latest language software and PC's. It supports the Engineering Departments by providing quality training to improve the communication skills of the students and also overall personality development.