In today's fast changing world where we cannot predict what it will offer to our children a few years hence, we only teach them to be thinkers and learners for life. Children are very sensitive; they believe in independent thinking .therefore, at ,Sherwood Academy , our educational philosophy is centered on praise, encouragement , enthusiasm and affection, rather than criticism ,fear and punishment as no learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety .

An enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student's development, skilled in the design of challenging' enriching and innovative activities, interests and the needs of the students. An active team leader, who effectively collaborates with all levels of the members of school system. A postgraduate from Gorakhpur University in 1991 with second position in Zoology department. Started career as a teacher from Gorakhpur in 1993, joined Sherwood Academy in 2004 as PGT biology, became Principal in the year 2010.