Hostel and Mess

Hostel facilities for boys & girls are separately situated inside the campus, which is having very spacious rooms and excellent dining facilities. The campus is covered with Eureka Forbs water puriļ¬er, which has been installed centrally in front of the Sherwood Hospital. As per guidelines of Indian Nursing Council, hostel is mandatory for every student for three years.

Each student is provided with a bed, a locker, a table and a chair in residing room. Hostel is facilitated with safe drinking water, sanitation, T.V. Room, Sick Room and recreation room. Students are under the motherly care of wardens and kept in a safe environment. Students admitted in the hostel will be immunized against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid on payment. Mess is integral part of Hostel facility. Mess is well equipped and facilitated with hygienic cooking and storage, Large Dining Hall, drinking water and washing facilities.