Our institution has spacious laboratories for the practical training of nursing students. All the labs are well equipped with the instruments and mannequins. The various laboratories for training include the following;

o Nursing Foundation Lab:

  • Is a miniature set up of hospital here the students will be practicing the basic and advanced nursing procedures on the mannequins, under the supervision of clinical instructors/nursing tutors.
  • This aids the student nurse to reduce the fear and anxiety in real life clinical set up.
  • This lab is equipped with patient cot, mattress, bedside lockers, bed linens, all the necessary instruments needed for practicing as per Indian Nursing council guidelines.

o OBG and Paediatric Lab:

  • Our institution has a well ventilated and spacious OBG and paediatric lab.
  • Various procedures related to obstetrical and gynecological nursing will be demonstrated by the nursing tutors and the return demonstration will be done by the students.
  • This lab also equipped with the mannequins on which the students can practice abdominal examination, labor process.
  • It also contains all the delivery kit, instruments used in obstetrical and gynecological practices.
  • It also contains the equipments related to the pediatric practices.

o Nutrition Lab:

  • Knowledge of nutrition is very important in maintaining optimum health.
  • In nutrition lab students will be practicing the cookery rules, methods of cooking and preservation of nutrients.
  • Preparation of various therapeutic diets will be done by the students.

o Pre-Clinical Science Lab:

  • Better understanding of anatomy and physiology is important for nursing students.
  • Our institution has a pre clinical science lab which contains various anatomical models, disarticulated skeleton, human torso, charts of various body systems.
  • In addition to this it also having various items related to the other pre-clinical subjects like biochemistry, microbiology.

o Community Health Nursing Lab:

  • This lab consists of the all equipment for providing the basic care in community set up such as community bag, delivery kit, health education modules etc.

o Computer Lab:

  • We have sufficient computers for the learning experience of the students.
  • Basic computer applications and training is given to the students.
  • Internet facility is available in all the computers.

o A. V. Aids:

  • We have an Audio Visual Lab with computers, LCD projectors, television, graphic charts and various other audio visual materials.