The vision of Sherwood College of Nursing is to prepare excellent and competent nurses who transform the lives of persons globally.


  • To prepare future generation nurses with sound knowledge and enable them to function as an important member of health team.
  • To develop self-discipline, self – direction, leadership qualities and to acquire responsibility for professional growth and advancement.
  • To prepare young nurses with good leadership quality.
  • To develop critical thinking skills in patient care strategies.
  • Philosophy

    The faculty of Sherwood College of nursing believes that:

    • Modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic, educative and a holistic process. It meets the health requirement of the individuals, the families and the society as a whole.
    • Nursing is based on values of caring, and aims to help individuals to attain independence in self-care.
    • It functions along with other health care agencies in helping clients, families and communities to achieve and maintain desirable standards and maintain with this approach.
    • The nurse educators as role models create learning experience that enables student nurses to acquire knowledge and foster an attitude of life -long learning.