Sherwood Educational Campus has a highly sophisticated placement cell. The cell is well connected with various national and international pharmaceutical organizations. The students can be sure of a job offer through campus placement program even before they step out of the college with a degree! This formulated policy is to make sure that students pursuing professional course end up with highly competent skills and employable young talent to produce high quality results in the competitive field.

  • Glaxo Smithkline
  • Piramal health care
  • Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
  • Pfizer India
  • Zaneka HealthCare Pvt. Ltd
  • Micro Pharma
  • Cosmos Pharmaceutical Ltd.
  • Themis Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd
  • Ind-Swift Ltd.
  • Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc.

All the Students are expected to follow the given rules:

  • Students are required to come to the college in college uniform. New students will be given maximum 15 days time to get their uniform ready.
  • Students are required to carry their Identity Card regularly and also required to show their Identity Card at the time of entering in the College Gate. If, they are failed to show their Identity Card on demand or they are not in proper uniform, they can not be permitted to enter in the class room and also a fine may be imposed on them.
  • Students are required to come into the class room 5 minutes prior, before start of 1st period as well as period after lunch break. Late comers are not allowed to attend the class and they may be imposed a fine for late coming and also their parents are to be informed accordingly.
  • Students are required to maintain college decorum.
  • If any Student found roaming here & there in college premises shall be questioned.
  • Use of any kind of intoxicants, use of unparliamentarily language, carry arms/weapons, any type of violence, unnecessary gathering, making slogans, and writing on walls and to damage of college property shall be treated seriously. Incase of damage of college property, cost of the property may be reimbursed by the guilty student. If there is no identified student then a common fine may be imposed on all the students.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence and strictly prohibited in and out side of the campus. If any student found involved in the ragging activities, a disciplinary/legal action may be taken against him/her.
  • Regular attendance in all classes is compulsory. As per norms minimum 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in Term End Examinations.
  • The rules for computing the attendance in a month is as follows- Overall attendance = (SUM attendance of each class/Total no. of classes) * 100
  • More emphasis is paid on regular attendance in class. Less than 75% attendance in a semester will not be allowed to appear in Term End Examinations.
  • Without prior information if any student remains absent continuously for two days, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes until he/she gets a written application signed by their parents/L.G./Hostel In-charge that gives reason for such absence.
  • Without prior information if any student remains absent continuously for a week, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes until their parents meet the Principal and give reason for such absence.
  • If any student is found absent in any of the class in a day. He/she will be marked absent in all other classes on that particular day. However in case of emergency student may leave after taking permission from the Principal.
  • Mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the campus even in mute/vibration mode. If found then it would be ceased by the college authorities till the semester ends.
  • All the students are supposed to abide by the rules. Otherwise they may be refrained from appearing in their term end examination and in case of defaulters the decision of the management will be final.